What is your perspective towards life?

Do you see opportunities or obstacles on your way to success and relevance; potential growth or potential loss in your business or career; rewards or risks in your laid down objectives?

Your perspective towards life is a determining factor of what you get out of life; what you focus your attention on determines just what comes back to you because life only gives to you what you demand for.

Perceiving life with an optimistic attitude and focusing on the positivity of life leads you to focus on the content of your glass that is still available while picturing life with a pessimistic attitude leads you to focus on the content of your glass that is gone.

“A pessimist is one who makes DIFFICULTIES of his opportunities and an optimist is one who makes OPPORTUNITIES of his difficulties."

Worrying about your inabilities and insufficiency doesn't bring about an improvement whatsoever, it only depreciates your self worth and makes  you lose your self esteem but focusing on your abilities and sufficiencies opens your eyes to the areas you can invigorate your weakeness with your strengths.

Forget about what you might have lost and focus on what you have room to gain. You will never discover means to improve and develop yourself if your eyes are fixed on your shortcomings.

The Universe offers you two sides of a coin, it is your choice to make as to which of them you're going to live your life by.

The coin of positivity and pessimism or the coin of negativity and optimism.
There is a fight going on inside of you; a fight of good and evil and the one who emerges winner is the one you constantly feed.

Are you feeding positivity or negativity?

How do we feed our minds rightly?

1. Put on a positive lens always; change your outlook of life for better and only see the positive sides  that doesn't mean you should your treat shortcomings with nonchalance, instead focus on your strengths and seek for a build up in your areas of weakness.

2. Be mindful of the association of people you keep around you because their perspectives and beliefs become your standard overtime as a result of your interaction with them.

3. Shield your ears with all diligence, only give listening ears to what motivates and not depresses you.

4. Be grateful but with what you have but do not be overly content with it; strive to improve and be better.

5. Live by the standard God has put in place for your life; live by His words, even life seems to go the other way round, hold on to what He has promised you an focus on yhe opportunities that every challenge produces.

Have a wonderful week ahead

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