This might shock you down to your bone marrow, but I assure you if you read this to the end I'll reveal to you what I learnt from a Yahoo boy which can 10x your earning power as an Entrepreneur or business owner and grow your business tremendously.

I am not in any way in support of those involved in the Internet Fraud business popularly known as Yahoo.

Few days back, I went to visit a Senior friend of mine at her place of work, she was busy with a client in her office which prompted me to wait a while in the waiting room. I wasn't alone in the waiting room as the receptionist sat at her table, a far end from where I was while two young men dressed in rather extravagant wears sat on the long bench with me at the extreme left.

I fed my eyes with a movie playing from Africa Magic Urban on the Television which hung right above my eyes, the volume of the TV was very low so I could hardly hear what the actors were saying.

The guys beside me were engrossed in their discussion, they were talking in hushed tone but I was able to interpret most of what they said, though it wasn't my intention to evesdrop.

From what they spoke about, I came to a conclusion that they were Yahoo boys not just that but one of them, who seemed more experience was giving the other some tips.

The less experienced one asked a question which I heard loud and clear, 
"Why do we  always have to chat with these white people all the time? Can't we give them a little break?"
The reply of the other one shocked me and almost threw me off balance.

What he said is a GOLD which many persons have no idea about and which can triple your sales.

Then I said to myself if this could make an illegitimate business succeed, how much more a legitimate business.

Here is what he said,

"You can't stop chatting with them because if you do so, you'll be out of their MINDS, they'll FORGET you and probably find SOMEONE ELSE. Also, while doing that, you shouldn't seem DESPERATE, if not they'll start to think you're a scam, the way you SPEAK to them also matters and you should make them believe you are the RIGHT person for them."

The profound secret that can 10x your business profit, 
Read on, I'll explain the highlighted terms shortly


1. One of the secrets of business success is SHOWING UP, Building you VISIBILITY; You need to keep showing up, do not be out of the sight of your customers and prospects because OUT OF SIGHT IS OUT OF MIND.

Keep blowing your horn because the world is noisy and if you don't, the noise will overshadow you.
Steve Harris says it's not the best product that makes the most money but the one with the loudest voice.


2. Your product or service is not the only one out there; you need to understand that there are COMPETITORS out there; strive to do better than them.
Do what your Competitors are not doing to get the results they have not gotten.


3. In the process of SHOWING UP and MARKETING your product, service or information; DO NOT seem DESPERATE because your prospects or customers will sense it and flee.

They will believe you just want to have their money and run away.


4. Your use of words is VERY Important while Marketing your product or service; that is why the skill COPYWRITING is inevitable. 

You need to learn how to SELL and how to use the right words to SELL, as your words can either make or mar you as an Entrepreneur.


5. Lastly, BRANDING should not be overlooked; Package your service or product as the best your customers or prospects need.

Appear as the solution provider to the problem of your target market.
Branding is very important for your business success.

© Precious Greg
Ambassador, MYLLASH Web Services



This might shock you down to your bone marrow, but I assure you if you read this to the...