The most important single ingredient in the formula of success is knowing how to get along well with people.
You are truly successful when you are full of desire to truly add fullness to the lives of others.

Every single day, each one of us come across someone who will be positively affected by a kind word, an encouraging or complimentary phrase or even a smile.

A kind word might be what your neighbor needs to cheer up; you have no idea what he/she is going through. Be nice always, no matter what.

The meaning of life is found in the meaning we give to others through our means and minds.

People skill is an important skill that must be acquired and given relevance as it affects other parts of our lives.

The assistance you seek is in the hands of people..
The knowledge you seek is in the minds of people..
The money you seek is in the hands of people..
The promotion you seek is in the hands of people..
The love (not agape) you crave is in the heart of people..
The growth you desire in the hands of people..

However,  knowing oneself is one of the most important steps that help establish successful social relationships, as a person must clearly define his beliefs and ideas in which he believes, and know his own characteristics, and everything that makes him happy or unhappy, and what he likes or dislikes because that contributes to making his/her relationship with others as smooth as possible.



✓Focus on the things and characteristics that are likable about the people around you.Turn a blind eye to their ugly attributes and focus on their beautiful sides. Do not criticize their way of life, the way they speak, or their appearance, and try to see things from the point of view of others.

✓And you must respect the opinions of others, even if they do not coincide with your opinions or principles, everyone has the right to disagree,  treat people the same way you want them to treat you. 

✓Build  friendship and relationships on honesty and trust because that strengthens the bonds of relationships, and appears in front of them as a person they can trust and turn to when needed, and stay away from gossip because it is an unwanted behavior that reduces your respect in front of people.

✓Do not try to claim what you do not have in terms of qualities or possessions, and stay away from being overburdened with words and actions, and maintain your balance and nature.

✓You must maintain your humility in front of others, no matter how high you are, because this raises your level, strengthens your confidence, and makes you dear to them.

✓Receive people with a nice smile and keep it in front of them, as it is one of the best means that brings them closer to you, and try to make your banter moderate and not intentionally hurt them through it.

✓And you must be tolerant with people around you, because we all make mistakes and try to find appropriate ways to overcome the problems that may occur so that no friendship develops smoothly and without hindrances.

✓ Becoming a good listener is very key in building a healthy relationship with others. Don't be engrossed in your activities without paying attention to those around you. People around you (your family, friends and loved ones) should come first before material things as they cannot be recreated.

We need to see people as strong with weaknesses and not see them as weak with strengths. Don't bring others down in the process of bringing up yourself.

Always remember that... "We cannot hold a torch to light another's path without brightening our own" ~Ben Sweetland~


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