Invest for  longterm

One concrete way to invest for the future is to get on the property ladder. You are never too young to get started. Start small and build; You can start with a plot of land. Mortgages are available once you start earning steady income at a particular level, but interest rates can be prohibitive. It is best to make plans to pay off any loan as early as possible. Buying property involves leg work, doing due diligence and most importantly, selecting an experienced real estate advisor to help you avoid the common mistakes many make whilst investing in this important asset class. 

Choose your life partner wisely

Your choice of a life partner is one of the most significant decisions that you will ever make. Do your partner’s moral and ethical values match yours? While you do not have to agree on every financial issue, compatible goals, values,  openness and trust are key. This is expedient as you merge not just your lives, but your finances. Your company matters greatly. If you surround yourself with motivated, ambitious, positive friends, it is more likely to rub off on you. Networks and mentors are usually sited as ingredients for sustained success. Take relationship building seriously.

Invest in yourself

You are your greatest asset. Be deliberate about building the skills you need. There is an increasing demand for digital skills as a prerequisite to secure most roles. Education will always matter; equip yourself,  keep learning and improving. This can be attained with reading widely, attending seminars and other learning events. Seek certifications as appropriate.
Embrace your strengths, talents and gifts. That thing you love to do for free may  be the key to moving from passon to profit and establishing the business you dream of.


Invest in financial knowledge

Seek professional advice so that your unique situation can be carefully considered and you can be guided appropriately. You also owe it to yourself to build your knowledge. Knowledge is power and there is a plethora of information in print and online media. Armed with the required knowledge, you will find that you become more intentional about your finances and less easily swayed by peer pressure and the need to keep up with the Jones’.


Health is wealth 

Don’t be one of those that expend their energy and health creating wealth only to spend years in ill health spending all that wealth to regain health. It is those intentional daily steps that you take now that will help to sustain you in the future. This can include eating healthy foods, even as things begin to ease up.


Use debt judiciously 

It is better to borrow for things that have lasting value such as your personal development and educaton, or in assets such as property, rather than for clothes, gadgets and luxuries. Your employer, family, friends and banker might consider lending you money. Be meticulous with repayment and do not abuse this trust. If you are struggling to repay, approach lenders and be honest about your situation; they may be able to adjust the terms. It is about credibility; building a solid credit history from now is important. 


Start to build savings

Things happen and it pays to be prepared for the unexpected. Once your debt is under control, build some emergency savings. So many young people have lost their jobs or taken pay cuts. You need a fallback, a cushion to tide you over such uncertain times. Don’t wait until you have that windfall to start to save. No matter how little you earn, save something; even the smallest amounts add up over time. Automating your savings by setting up a direct debit makes saving much easier.