Purpose is a statement that summarizes the value you enrich society with. 

Contrary to cliches and popular opinions, your purpose is not a life skill. It is a solution to a life problem.

Your purpose is the total statement of everything you are passionate about and it is discovered from pain and experience.

However, to discover purpose, there are salient questions you must seek answers to within yourself.


  • Does your skill add value to society?
  • What relevant experiences do you have?
  • What societal experiences do you want to change?


There are various ways to explore when fulfilling your purpose. These different ways will guide your path towards creating impact. Today, I will share some with you. 


1. Build and centre your knowledge on the area that piques your interest.

Read and learn more about your niche until you become effortlessly knowledgeable in almost anything that concerns it. This sets you apart as an authority in that field.


2. Gain relevant practical experience.

These experiences could be wrapped in various forms such as working with Organizations or volunteering in your field of interest. The goal is to  equip your  portfolio to gain credibility.


3. Blow your horn

Brand yourself and work well. Give visibility to your work and pitch yourself. Brawl about your work till it ignites the attention of people and engagement of interested people.


4. Network with like-minded people in your niche.

While on your purpose journey, it is expedient to create communication with people equally invested in your passion.


Always remember that failure to discover your purpose will send you on a rollercoaster of living fake and borrowed life.