Developing the right self concept

Developing the right self concept

"self concept embraces what you think about yourself, how you carry and present the general picture of yourself."

Bola is sitting anxiously amidst others at the reception of Phoenix Energy Solution and waiting patiently for his interview. It's been five years since he kissed goodbye to the scourging walls of the University but with no job to seal his certification.

Despite being a top student in school and graduating with first class honours, "We will get back to you" became the only poetry he was greeted with at every interview.

"Candidate number 4, It's your turn," the receptionist says

Bola glances at the paper in his hand with "No. 4" crested on it.

"The last room by your right", she adds with her index finger tilting towards the verandah.

Sweat beads begin to form on his forehead. Tension mounts within him and in that instant, he wishes he could leave the company. He wishes that he didn't have to be there; tensed, sweaty and unsure of his fate.

Bola gets to the entrance of the last room, knocks and enters to meet the unwelcoming stare of four panelists.

"You can have your seat, Mr. Bola, " the first panelist says.

Bola: Thank you sir.

Panelist 3: Why are you here sir?

Bola: To get a job

Panelist 1: Did you think you are good enough for this job?

Bola: I will put in all my efforts.

Panelist 2: Are you the best candidate for this position ?

Bola: I think so and I am going to put in all my efforts in everything I'm asked to.

"We will get back to you" echoed.

" Thank you sir" Bola says whilst leaving the panel room.

Self doubt starts to cripple him. He doubts the possibility of securing the job considering how high profiled the company is across the country.
The job is for extraordinarily intelligent people, he thinks to himself.

(At the panel room)

Panelist 1: Did you think Mr. Bola is the best candidate for the job prior to his academic excellence?

Panelist 2: I don't think so, Mr. Bola is academically sound but he does not have the capabilities to perform in this role and he is not sure of his abilities and cannot cope under pressure.

Panelist 3: This post is a sensitive and demanding role as the Operation Manager and cannot be given to a mediocre like Mr. Bola who is only willing to act on instructions.

Panelist 4: Mr. Bola can be manipulated if given the opportunity due to the fact that he is not confident enough and lacks the right self concept.

Self concept involves how you see yourself as an individual. Different things that happen to you may be due to your self concept.This is because self concept embraces what you think about yourself, how you carry and present the general picture of yourself.

Your success in life will begin with having the right concept. You need to see yourself in the proper way to be part of the progress. You have the ability to pitch yourself either in a negative or positive lense. Negativity sets the ball rolling for problems. The thought begins to kill your effort to struggle on the same platform with others.

Your physical or mental inadequacy should not deter you from excelling. Leave your comfort zone to compete with others because it will help you see aspects you thrive and learn from others. Be hopeful and continue exploring areas where you are inadequate with the aim of improving.

In our thoughts and feelings about ourselves, we need to be courageous and think positively. We must kill negative thoughts so it doesn't dominate our thinking which further exposes us to failure.

The way you present yourself to people is the way they will see and treat you. If you present yourself as a failure and good for nothing, people will see and treat you that way. If you properly present yourself to people, they will accept you with honor, respect and dignity.

In the above story, we see how Bola loses a job despite being academically qualified. Bola wasn't even aware of his gifts. An expedient key in developing yourself is developing the right self concept towards yourself and stop quenching your gifts in mediocrity.

My message for you today is that you begin to have positive views of yourself, others and situations.


Thank you so much. Very well, this is needed in our society.